How will I receive my videos?

When your videos are ready, I will send you an online preview link. This is initially private as I will never post a video online before you’ve seen it. You can then download it directly onto your computer, phone or tablet. 


I will also send out a hard copy on a USB as in my experience, you can never have enough backups!


I will also give you download links, just in case you need to retrieve it or download it on a different computer. They will never be deleted so the files will be available permanently. 

What would you say your style is?

I primarily shoot handheld. So I keep things very simple and save my steadicam and tripod for only a few shots. But moments such as the preparations and reception are dynamic, they’re always moving, there’s always something going on somewhere. There’s something very real about handheld camera work, a lot of film directors use this technique when they want to create a connection with the characters. You feel very close to them, it’s a familiarity that can conjure the feeling of actually being there. 


Memories can be hard to recall, you think you remember something perfectly but maybe your partner remembers it differently and suddenly you’re not so sure. 


My aim for a wedding video is to tell an emotional story you’ll want to relive. It’s important to me to tell it properly and after everything has settled, you’ll be thankful your video tells the story how you remember it.

Another videographer is doing it much cheaper than you! What makes you better?

We're in a time where there are many videographers to suit all budget types. It can be a bit overwhelming! The difference in budget comes down to essentially 3 things: quality, experience and preparation. A lot of budget videographers fail to prepare for your wedding as a live event that can be unpredictable. 


Your first instinct is to probably attribute price to quality of work. Which makes sense, a lot of videographers do price this way, understandably so seeing as there is such great work out there. Again it can be so overwhelming to choose between videographers whose videos all look as good as each other. Your search starts to become a crazy blur of weddings and you watch so many videos that you start to forget who's was who's. However, what sets them apart really is how they plan for the day, the live event and beyond.


And whilst the budget videographer may and probably has great content, what sets them apart from Happy Pears is they don't always plan for technical issues in a bid to cut costs. We carry backup cameras for example, whereas the budget videographer may just have their own. If ours fails/falls in a pond/gets pinched by a monkey then we have a spare. They might have just one memory card and back up to a single hard drive, whereas I have made sure to record the same footage onto two separate cards simultaneously and back up on multiple hard drives.


I also back up online where your videos will be stored permanently in your special members area as well as Vimeo. You can never have too many backups!


It's these kind of precautions that just comes through experience, I have been filming weddings for almost a decade and in videography for longer. My prices are based on the investment in my continued training, equipment, experience and the passion and love I put into all my work.

Can we book extras after the wedding?

If you have decided that you don't need a full length video, full ceremony and full speeches and are happy with just the best bits (even though I know the whole day is a best bit) but then wish you had booked them then not to worry!

All our extra and longer video edits are available post wedding. No, this doesn't mean we'll be asking you to get married again, just we always film the ceremony and speeches in full. This is so I know I have as much footage as possible and means that if you want further edits then I can keep this available for you.

Do you charge for travel?

I am based in both Manchester and London and I do not charge for weddings taking place within 100 miles of those two cities. However, weddings taking place further are priced at 40p per extra mile.

Do you travel abroad?

Yes! I very much love destination weddings. Please contact me for an accurate quote but generally my price is the package plus the cost of travel and accommodation.

Will a video camera make guests feel uncomfortable?

Most people aren't natural born performers, they aren't used to being filmed. Those that are more than welcome to do their thing! The camera loves you! But for those less comfortable, I sympathise. My mother used to say ‘only speak how you’d like to be spoken to’ and I try to film as I would like to be filmed. I don’t want to even know I’m being filmed, then look back at the video and l


My cameras are small, compact and to everyone else, will look like the cameras your photographers are using. That’s because video has come such a long way that gone are the days that videographers are relying on bulky video cameras you may be picturing. 


What this means is that your guests probably won’t realise I’m there to film. They’ll just ignore me and continue to be happy. And it’s my job to capture them being happy, it's difficult to do that if they’re conscious of me. 


So I am unassuming, I dress to blend in and I use zoom lenses so I don’t have to get in people’s faces. By the time I’ve finished, you and your guests won’t have noticed I was even there.

What is the booking process?

Once you’re happy with your package, and you’re sure you’d like to go with me, we can go ahead and reserve your date. 


I will send out my contract for you to sign and send back and I take a 25% deposit. This books me for your date and I will take it out of my calendar. Exciting!

I’ve just booked you (yay!). What happens next?

Firstly send out a short questionnaire to gather info about your day. This will go quite in depth so as much detail is great. I want to know all about you, what you're passionate about and the people you love and care about. This is my basis for your story. If you would like to meet for a coffee then we can (or Skype if it's easier) and discuss your day, here you can bring up any questions you have and make sure we're on the same page.