Hannah & Ben |
Graveteye Manor, Sussex

I love rural weddings set in the beautiful English countryside. You'd be hard to find a place that encapsulates this than at The Gravetye Manor.

'A delightful historic hotel set in more than 10,000 acres of tranquil English countryside' 

Which it most certainly is, but you really have to see it in motion to truly appreciate it's historic beauty.

Before this though, Hannah & Ben got married in the Pembury Old Church, a quiet little chapel in Tumbridge Wells.


Whilst the grand cathedrals and huge churches offer an incredible sense of scale and importance, I do love the quaint little churches. They're intimate and have a real sense of community where they're cared for deeply. This particular was full of surrounding greenary but have a look out for the flowers and their arrangements. It's very calming, wedding days can often be quite stressful but I think their choice of venue went a long way to making their day as enjoyable as it was beautiful.


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